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TremaBLAST - Map your sequence to our Trematode protein database collection

Blast your sequence versus Trematode gene and transcript collections

TremaBLAST is used to search for your sequence(s) of interest amongst a user defined set of protein sequences representing the genesets of our hosted trematode organisms (that have genesets available). Databases may include the protein products of predicted and/or final genes from draft and/or finished genomic assemblies. Where multiple isoforms were predicted, the TremaBLAST database will only utilize the longest isoform per gene loci.

Gene names reported can be looked up directly in TremaGene, and are also detailed in the TremaGene FAQ.

A Note on TremaBLAST

The TremaBLAST pages use WU-BLAST 2.0 (Gish, W. 1994-2002). Washington University BLAST (WU-BLAST) version 2.0 is a powerful software package for gene and protein identification, using sensitive and selective similarity searches of protein and nucleotide sequence databases. The feature list for WU-BLAST 2.0 is large, please visit for more information on this software package

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